Freeze It!

Freeze It!

I love to freeze food.  Why?  Because I always have something to eat and it’s handy.  Feeding my 3 boys and a husband who are carcass eaters and at times will or won’t eat the dish I have prepared for my meal and also as an extension to their meal, can be challenging if not exhausting.  I freeze and am always able to find something to eat.

Dinners at my house consist of a some sort of carcass (basically anything that does not eat the family first is served.  No road kill!) and a vegetable and some sort of starch.  Many times I love to combine a vegetable and a starch together; for instance my pasta and veggie combo.   The family for some reason and they can’t explain why, other than its gluten-free, do not like this pasta dish.  Therefore, I freeze many portions of my veggie dish and take down a portion for the night I make them pasta and I feel like eating as they do.  We then all eat pasta, veggies and we are a family living the vida loca.

I purchase at Costco (least expensive) a bag of assorted frozen veggies.  I cook enough for me and my family adding 1 tsp. of Toasted Sesame Seed Oil and 1 tsp. of Rice Vinegar to the cooked veggies.  Then I make a package of wheat pasta for my carcass eaters and I make a package of rice pasta (I purchase at Trader Joe’s, you can save a $1 or more there versus anywhere else.) for me, make plenty so that you can freeze for another nights meal.   At the table I combine my pasta with veggies and add some gluten-free pasta sauce.  I add regular pasta sauce to the wheat pasta for the carcass eaters.  If you want to add protein to the gluten-free dish, I suggest crushed pecans (or the nut of your choice) and a tablespoon of chic seeds.  Or you can sauté firm tofu in peanut oil or toasted sesame oil.


After dinner is over I place my extra pasta and veggies in containers and freeze them.  I can take a container to work or have for another meal.

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