Have Black Women Found a New Face of Beauty in Cosmetic Surgery ?

Have Black Women Found a New Face of Beauty in Cosmetic Surgery ?

As women we are open up to all the social injustices in the world including beauty, but finding our true beautiful self becomes a difficult task. Society refers to pretty women as eye candy and hot, so as women we try to live up certain beauty standards to meet the eye candy and hot criteria. Does the media play an important role in justifying what is eye candy or creating a false illusion of perfect beauty by using metaphors such has Beyonce, Rhianna, Nikki Minaj, which emulates the ideal of perfect beauty. The Beyonce effect truly captivates what society describes as beautiful, her long tresses, golden brown complexion and curvy shaped hour glass figure has placed her on top of the music game, which her husband Jay Z says he has the "No.1 chick in the game". People Magazine chose Beyonce as the world must beautiful woman in their 2012 issue placing on an higher pedestal. Even The First Lady Michelle Obama has even commented that she loves Beyonce and longs to be just like her if she was not in the White House. But is Beyonce life so beautiful and perfect? or does her beautiful exterior cover some imperfections, which the singer admitted on VH1 Soul of suffering from loneliness sometimes and never had a normal childhood simply because of working all these years. Rhianna has simply rose from good girl to bad girl over night..the media has covered her imperfections from the toxic relationship with Chris Brown to her recent battle with substance abuse that was blamed on excessive partying and work exhaustion by trying to be perfect and beautiful in front of mainstream media Rhianna was also linked to skin lighten and nose reconstruction. In taking a deeper look into beauty the most popular artist is Nikki Minaj who was crafted in the a perfect image of a Barbie Doll. The rap maven is created out of plastic herself, which everything was reconstucted such as her famous behind enhanced to serve a model of perfection.

Lil Kim the biggest rapper Icon and who was in the top of game in the 1990's, made her first rap debut with the group Junior Mafia is no stranger to plastic surgery. The once loved rapper has undergone drastic facial procedures including skin bleaching and no longer resembles her former self. The rapper who had a natural pretty brown face has changed her appearance to meet the demand of societal views of beauty. Skin bleaching has become a one of the biggest epidemic among women of color. As black women continue to bleach their skin, white women are obsessed with darkening their light skin by sun bathing or going to tanning salons. Both groups of women are have formed negatives ideas about beauty. The black woman has formulated a self hate about her black skin and she feels lighten skin makes her more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. White women also feel ad self hate to their white skin by not wanting to look pale they feel more beautiful with tanned brown skin.

American women, especially young African- Americans girls identify themselves within this sub-culture of plastic beauty icons. A recent story in Ebony Magazine uncovered "The Ugly Side of Beauty" The article reports that women are undergoing drastic measures to enhance their overall appearance including illegal butt injections for a rounder and tighter behind, which women have actually died from complications from the procedure itself. The urban legend is black does not crack has stood the test of time, but plastic surgery has crossed over to the black community. Black culture transcended that younger, tighter, bigger and rounder is the new beautiful or so they think. Although plastic surgery can enhance or generally improve a person exterior, what happens to the interior does it remain flawed? Correcting the imperfections externally does it create an overall beautiful person inside and out.

Research studies has shown that the concept of beauty has been tested for decades among different cultures, which created a phenomena of " The Beauty Myth" a book that explores what women really considers as being beautiful. Shallow as it may seems the book researches women believe beauty has no wrinkles, and no sagging skin. Because older women see themselves as unattractive than their younger counterparts, which creates a fear of younger women and considers them as a threat. Older women become afraid of losing their power of beauty through the aging process, which happens to every living human being. Anti- aging creates a sense of self worth and self preservation, which is generally controlled by beauty manufactures, a multi-billion dollar industry. Today, women have more options to consider... age gracefully with anti-aging products or take more drastic measures by undergoing surgical procedures. Society has shown us preserving beauty is not in our hands anymore, but depends on cosmetic surgeons. From nose jobs, botox,, face lifts, breast implants, butt injections, bleached or tanned skin their is no perfect remedy in justifying what is beautiful. So, the next time you look at Beyonce, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Kim just think they have chosen surgical methods to live up to the beauty myth.

Article written by: Keisha M. Hobbs

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