A second chance to live somewhere else...and not for the reason you think


August Blogapalooza assignment: "Write about something in your life you'd like a second chance at."


I would like a second chance to live in another city…..But only for a little while.  And not for the reason you think.

I absolutely love living in Chicago.  That’s an odd thing to hear someone say during these troubling times of unfathomable headlines that make world news and conditions are so surreal that people make movies about your city.  How do you take it when your friend in Kuwait asks you, “What the hell is going on where you live???”

And it’s really odd for me to still be able to say it on a day when I passed by a murder scene.   Where loved ones mourn another young life tragically and brazenly snuffed out in broad daylight.  To contrast the beauty of this glorious summer day with the horror of what was unfolding on our streets is hard for a mind to comprehend.  God bless that family and please protect us all.

But no, I don’t want to run away.  It’s not that I haven’t seen other places that are great to visit.  I’m very well-traveled.  A job in my former life allowed me to criss-cross these United States so many times I can’t count.  I’ve been to nearly twenty different countries (Japan, South Africa, England, India, France, etc.) and had great life-changing experiences in every one.  So it’s not that I haven’t seen other places that are great to pass through.  And maybe even stay...But only for a while.

Chicago is the place where I’ve always known I would settle and hope to live out a long and happy life.  There’s still no place I’d rather be for the long term.

But what I’ve always admired is when people think NOTHING of picking up and moving to another city for a certain phase of their life.  Whether it’s for school, a job, a relationship or some other opportunity.  I don't care how unglamorous you think your move was.  I don't care what your living arrangements were.  I don't care if you were eating ramen noodles and beans from the can to make it work.  If you ever got up the nerve to pick up your life and go give it a try in a city other than where you were born, then you are my hero.  Especially if you went when you didn't know anyone who lived there already.  It just seems to me like such an adventure.

It’s great to be a property owner. But one drawback is that it tends to make you kind of stationary.  And since I bought my first property at a relatively early stage of my adult life it makes it a little more difficult to move around.   Sometimes I wish I had lived in a couple of other places before I settled down and started buying property in Chicago.

My hour is up.  I ran out of time to write....

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