Show Some Landlord Love to Tenants This Valentine's Day

Show Some Landlord Love to Tenants This Valentine's Day

Hey Landlords and Landladies, show the residents of your buildings some love this Valentine's Day!  ….And I don’t mean in that creepy “I-think-my-landlord-has-been-here-because-my-underwear-drawer-is-open” kind of way.


Think about the ways some of the people in your properties make your life easier.  Sometimes residents go above and beyond to create or enhance a pleasant community living environment.  These acts can take some pressure off landlords in ways we don't always notice.  Further still, even when tenants only do what is expected of them it can be a huge help.  People don't always HAVE to do what they're SUPPOSED to do.  Trust me.

Does Mr. Reed shovel a path to the trash cans before he leaves for work in the morning?  Does Mrs. Weathers pay her rent on time every month like clockwork?  Is the Newton family always careful about having their children put their toys away after playing in the yard?  Send a card, letter, or even a sweet treat to let them know it means something to you.  And not just for Valentine's Day but look for opportunities to express your gratitude throughout the year.  It doesn't cost much but it has an amazing impact.  While it's true that it ultimately helps an owner's bottom line, we should put this into practice just because it's the right thing to do.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in tending to the needs of the complainers that we don't realize how well we get along with the average resident.  Don't let the squeaky wheels get all of the oil.  And, who knows, if you start to show attention to people who do positive things in your rental community, maybe you can get those squeaky wheels to stop squeaking...

Check out these three great resources on ways you can show valued residents the appreciation they deserve.

What ways do you use to show appreciation to tenants?


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