Uptown and the city of Chicago: we gots to do better

As usual, warm temperatures plus Chicago equals heighten violence and unnecessary killings. Sometimes I wonder if it's sad that I expect some sort of death toll around the city whenever it gets pleasant outside. It just amazes me how people can become so hostile and vile towards one another  every time the weather escapes winter like conditions.

This past weekend alone there were at least 1o people murdered and approximately 40 others wounded because of violence, and on Monday the frenzy made its way to Uptown.

About two hours after a shooting happened on the corner of Wilson and Broadway, I received an email from Uptown Update about the incident. I was no where near the area when it happened but apparently, a "street pharmacist" (aka drug dealer) began firing shots at a rival member. The shooter missed his intended target, marred the calf of an innocent bystander and fled the scene.

I have to say that I knew something was going to go down in my 'hood soon after I heard repeated gun shots from my opened high-rise windows this past weekend.  However, this particular incident kind of caught me off guard because I instantly had a "I was just there the other day when I went to Target" moment.

I can't believe (then again, maybe I can believe) it's only March and these summer like temperatures have people on a shooting spree. If Uptown and the rest of the city is like this now, the months June, July and August  can take their time getting here because things will probably  get uglier.

I hate to say this but I'm slowly giving up on the human race. I cringe every time I hear stories like the Trayvon Martin murder but then I quickly think about my cousin who was killed in a drive by shooting a few years ago and become outraged.  The violence needs to end.  As a community, Uptown, we all need to take a stand and show other parts of the city that: we gots to do better.

-Double A


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  • wow. I wish Uptown Update could be adopted in every community area. It would be great to get a real time update on crimes in my immediate neighborhood. I have been worried about the warm weather for the past week now. I also cringe when I think of crimes associated with heat (crimes that happen in part because it is too damn hot and people are irriated faster) and I worry what will take place in June and July. I wonder if our new mayor and police chief are also up at night wondering what will happen this summer. I caught a glimpse of a Police Union Representative on Fox News this morning. His comments were sobering.

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