C'mon CTA, Not My Red Line Stop

C'mon CTA, Not My Red Line Stop
Photo courtesy of Red Line Project: James Mazurek

Before moving to Uptown, I used to shun the Red Line train.  I didn't like the crowded train cars or the "interesting" characters who rode the train with me.  However as I'm realizing that I tend to have to learn things the hard way, I appreciate the redline, especially the Lawrence stop.

I can easily walk to the train and go about my daily business without breaking a true sweat, but word on the street (or the Redeye to be more precise) is that CTA might be shutting down my Red Line stop.  In an effort to connect both the Red and Purple Lines at Wilson, CTA is considering the idea of shutting down 5 other stops.  Allegedly, the stops include Thorndale, Lawrence & Jarvis on the Red Line and the Foster and South Boulevard stops on the Purple Line. C'mon CTA!

To make matters even worse, if this proposal goes through the Wilson station will be closed and stops will no longer be made between Sheridan and Argyle from 2012-2014. GREAT. I will be among many of my fellow Uptownians walking country miles to another "close" train station.  This will definitely take a toll on Red Line riders who get off at Lawrence to attend events at the Aragon Entertainment Center. Nevertheless, there still is a gleam of hope and a way to end this potential madness.

According to Uptown Update, we can have our voices heard and let CTA know that this ideas is not cool by:

Hmph...Never get too comfortable Uptown residence.

-Double A

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  • You should have at least read the CTA Tattler, and then looked at the CTA primary source materials to which it links, first.

    If you are complaining about Wilson, it is not being shut down, but has received both city and federal funds for rehabilitation. All posted CTA plans indicate that it would be a major transfer station.

    As far as consolidation is concerned, one would have to demonstrate that stations every two blocks at Lawrence and Argyle are necessary, for instance, when the usual standard for rapid transit is every 1/2 to 1 mile.

    But, in any event, it is irresponsible to rely on "word on the street" or other blogs and ignore primary sources.

  • Thank you Jack for your input. However, I'm not complaining about the Wilson stop. I think it's nice that CTA wants to connect both the Red and Purple Line, but I'm not happy about the possibility of the Lawrence stop being closed. It comes as an inconvenience for those who use the Lawrence stop, especially in the winter when there's a snow storm and Aragon Entertainment Center party goers.
    Also, I clearly indicated where I received my information about this matter by including a link to the RedEye article, despite me using the words 'word on the street.' Therefore, I didn't rely on those words nor did I ignore primary sources. If you look even closer, the photo has attribution to DePaul University's Red Line Project. I did enough research for me to have a solid input and opinion about the CTA situation.
    Again, thank you for reading my blog post and leaving a comment.

  • In reply to Double A:

    Thanks for clarifying, but I still don't think that you justified a station every two blocks. Presumably, the 81 bus would feed into Wilson, just as the 78 does, since it now lays over at Marine Dr.-Wilson. Maybe Lawrence station has enough passenger boardings on its own to justify an exception to the general rule,* but Argyle sure doesn't.

    In any event, if you look back on my CTA Tattler comments (a) I couldn't figure out, for instance, the hysteria Joe Moore tried to stir up over "the threatened closing of Jarvis," especially given (b) this is a long term plan for which at least I think it is doubtful whether CTA will get funding for much more than a fix up, and CTA comes close to, but does not, admit as much by commencing the interim construction project.

    Finally, one has to consider if this is "rapid transit" if the buses (at least LSD-Sheridan Road ones) are faster north of Wilson. Maybe having a full time Express as suggested by some of the plans alleviates this concern. Also, one has to consider plans for axillary entrances for whether one would have to walk that far to enter a consolidated station.
    *2011 annual ridership report says 3,384 per weekday; one would have to calculate what it would be if the 81 is rerouted, as suggested earlier; compare to say, 6300 at Howard, 4400 at Morse, 5300 at Loyola, and 6300 at Wilson. I also assume that anyone who enters has to exit on the return trip.

  • Always great to know there are other people that love Uptown. keep your stories and comments coming Double A and Jack

  • For all who love Uptown
    Uptown Chicago History: The Viceroy Hotel Lawrence and Kenmore,

  • Thanks Bill for the support and the information about Uptown's history. I will definitely check it out.

  • Nice first article Double A, I agree that a closure of the Lawrence Red Line stop would be a huge obstacle for CTA riders. However, some of the red line stations (Lawrence included) could benefit from rehabbed efforts. But similar to what Bill mentioned above, it is refreshing to see fellow "Uptownians" show they actually care about their community.

  • Thank you, Rebby. I am more than positive that there are MULTIPLE CTA stations that need some work but the thought of loosing a few stops because of one major rehabbed station isn't sitting well with me. Either way...I'm just voicing my opinion and appreciate the comments and feedback. Thanks :)

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