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Yoga in Your Everyday Actions

 Yoga in Your Everyday Actions
I’ve been thinking about a quote that caught my eye on twitter; “Yoga is 10% asana (or poses), and 90% everything else.” My yoga practice lately seems really deep and intense.  Not because of my morning sun salutations or my ability to bind in side angle pose,  but because I am living and breathing the philosophies of yoga.... Read more »

Why I Feel Sorry for Charlie Sheen

I’m sure you have seen Charlie Sheen on The Today Show or 20/20 this week.  His quotes about being on the drug of Charlie Sheen, winning and trusting his toddler twins to a porn star are creating conversations everywhere. I don’t think he is crazy, I think he is sick and has a problem.  I don’t know... Read more »

The Chicago Blizzard 2011 is Here

After days of talking, stocking up on essentials, charging phones and laptops the Snowpocalypse is here.   Last night we watched the snow accumulate, listened to the weather report and refreshed our Internet checking on nearby conditions. I felt a sense of community as I received texts and emails from family and friends and every Facebook and Twitter post... Read more »