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Recycle K-Cups and Grow Vegetables

Recycle K-Cups and Grow Vegetables
Amongst other worries with coffee K-Cups, my main concern is the major waste the plastic cups are creating.  I was thrilled when I discovered a fantastic use for recycling them and growing vegetables. It actually became a great project for the kids and I.  I began by scooping out and saving all the coffee grounds.... Read more »

Make Your Own Monday: Legwarmers

Make Your Own Monday: Legwarmers
The verdict on my feelings about the 80′s creeping its way back into our wardrobe is not in yet.  I can handle, and maybe enjoy, the off the shoulder shirts and leggings, but draw the line at neon and big hair.  Legwarmers are one of those trends that are very practical.  My daughter’s skinny body and long legs... Read more »

Too Much Paper

I am proud of my son’s drawings and love to see how much he is improving.  That said I cannot deal with all the paper accumulating. I admire the masterpiece, maybe hang it on the fridge in a rotating display.  Then I recycle it.   Am I going to regret not saving these and countless other pieces of... Read more »
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