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Meatless Monday: No Recipe Quesadillas and Three Salsas

    All of my previous Meatless Mondays have required following a recipe.  This has been a terrific way to try unknown ingredients and learn new culinary techniques.  This is the first week I’ve used the ingredients I had in the house to create my own recipe.   I began with cheese and tortillas, planning to prepare simple quesadillas.  I added... Read more »

Meatless Monday: Mushroom-Manchego Quesadillas

My husband and my perfect dinner is a cut up apple, warm bread and three cheeses from Pastoral.  We always choose a soft, hard and blue.  The hard one is Manchego every single time.  I try to branch out and try others, but always go back to the sharp, strong taste of the Manchego cheese. Although it is... Read more »