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You are not Fat when you are Pregnant

You are not Fat when you are Pregnant
I stumbled upon this photo and found myself staring at it for awhile.  I remember my 28 year old husband taking these photos almost ten years ago.  I distinctly remember feeling fat and not confident in my body. Bringing myself back to that time, I vividly remember nervous for work meetings or night out because... Read more »

KickSprout and Soulistic Studio Partner for Prenatal Yoga

KickSprout and Soulistic Studio Partner for Prenatal Yoga
I’ve always said how much I wish I had a support group when my son was born six years ago.  Leasa Navarro felt the same way when her daughter was born two years ago and KickSprout began. KickSprout was created to help expectant and new parents connect with a community of other families, provide face-to-face events... Read more »

The People We Meet

I love teaching prenatal yoga because I meet a wide range of diverse, thought provoking women.  A hairstylist, a flight attendant, a single student, a 42 year old, a 21 year old, overweight, underweight, yet they share a commonality.  These ladies are all pregnant.  These females are so different, but they will all become new moms with kids around the same age. ... Read more »

Preeclampsia Awareness Month

Many of my prenatal yoga clients share their worries with me.  As a worrier myself, I humbly agree; there is much to worry about when pregnant.   Most of it is out of our control and with yoga, healthy eating, sleeping, breathing, positive thinking and education, there is really no reason to worry.  Educating yourself on your pregnancy will provide... Read more »
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