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Repeat After Me: This Too Shall Pass

Repeat After Me: This Too Shall Pass
I remember when my son was nine months old.  He had learned to sit up on his own, but  couldn’t move yet.  I would lay a handmade blanket on the floor of his room, in our old condo on Ashland, and line up toys around him.  He would sit for hours and play with primary colored blocks,... Read more »

I Don't Want to Rush Through Life

    The Supermoon in Puerto Rico 3.19.11 This morning I was flowing through my yoga practice and noticed that I do not hold each pose very long.  Not because it is harder the longer the pose is held, but because I feel like I’m in a rush.   As in life, in yoga I am impatient.  I’m always thinking of my next... Read more »

My New Years Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution can be summed up in one word. If I can conquer this 8-letter word, my entire family and self will benefit. It is hard.  Trying to get my 2 year old dressed, change her diaper or brush her hair, listening to my chatty 5 year old ask over and over again to watch a... Read more »