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The secret to become the perfect mom

The secret to become the perfect mom
I’ve loosened up a lot lately about what defines a perfect mom.  Many ideals and rules that I began parenting with, no longer seem as important. I let my kids stay up late. I regrettably allow them to enjoy sugar on special occasions.  Which seems a little too often for my liking. I buy them... Read more »

Will my kid listen better if I forbid TV?

Will my kid listen better if I forbid TV?
The past few months have been rough for our whole family.  My first grader started a brand new school the same week I got sick and the combo has resulted in many changes.  He is learning and maturing, but the changes I’m thinking about are not good ones. He stopped listening to me. This is... Read more »

I Can't Hear You I'm Texting

“I’m listening to you.”  My husband says while texting his coworker, watching SportCenter and playing chess on the laptop. “I heard you.” I told my kids as I was Gmail chatting with my Mom, downloading new tunes for our IPod and emailing about a play date from my BlackBerry. “I didn’t hear you calling me.” My... Read more »

Think Before You Speak

I am constantly amazed and reminded by the listening skills my children have. At one extreme I wonder why they can’t hear me tell them to put on their pajamas or brush their teeth, yet I know their hearing is just fine with they recite every word I say especially when I am not even talking to them. It is... Read more »
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