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I'm Giving Away my Snack Obsession: SkinnyPop Popcorn

I'm Giving Away my Snack Obsession: SkinnyPop Popcorn
As much as I love eating fresh vegetables, whole grains and nuts; sometimes I am in need of something with a little more crunch.  I proceed to eat too much and in turn feel guilty.  Until I discovered SkinnyPop Popcorn.  It is all natural, dairy, peanut, gluten, trans fat and cholesterol free.  It really is the ideal snack and I can’t... Read more »

Is My Wine Making Me Fat?

Is My Wine Making Me Fat?
My goal is to eat healthy.  I start my day with cereal, berries, almond milk and coffee.  I usually enjoy salads for lunch and exercise most days.  Then the clock strikes five and I reward myself with a glass of wine.  I don’t know how many calories are in a glass of wine, but once I sip it my menu plan goes out the window.  No... Read more »
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