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Oprah's Surprise Spectacular

Tonight The United Center wasn’t The Bulls home it was Oprah Winfreys.  The venue was organized and transformed into a tribute to a woman who came from little and made many lives very big. The lineup was beyond impressive, but to me it was Oprah’s philanthropy that provided the magic.  The celebrities all traveled to pay... Read more »

The Oprah Farewell Show Chronicles Continue

The Oprah Farewell Show Chronicles Continue
If you are catching up, you can read here and here to learn of my quest to be a part of Oprah Winfrey’s final Chicago show. I picked up my tickets at The United Center box office on rainy and dreary Saturday. Now that the golden tickets are in my cold hands, I have the difficult task... Read more »

I'm Going to Oprah's Farewell Show

Remember when I said I had to go to Oprah’s Farewell Show at The United Center?  I must have good karma going on, because I am going! When I was leaving The Cub’s Game last Saturday afternoon and standing at the corner of Clark and Addison looking for a cab (I wanted to take a Pedi cab,... Read more »