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Don't read the multiple sclerosis pages

Don't read the multiple sclerosis pages
On Facebook I stumbled upon a page called We’re not Drunk, We have MS.  MS doesn’t make me feel or act drunk, but regardless the pages has 5,705 fans and constantly updates with different readers multiple sclerosis problems, issues and questions. Initially I eagerly clicked on Like in a desperation to meet others going through... Read more »

Would you friend your doctor on Facebook?

Would you friend your doctor on Facebook?
While I was a patient at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, this doctor was the Neurologist on call.  She came to my room everyday, answered questions and kept me informed.  We talked about yoga and she promised I would see her in one of my classes one day.  She gave me her card and urged me to... Read more »

Those Real Housewives Are Bullies

Those Real Housewives Are Bullies
I’m dreading the days my children have cell phones and computer access, mainly because I worry about bullies.  The mean girls were around when I was young and I can easily bring myself back to the helpless pain they cause.  I was a teen in the days of phony phone calls; before caller ID, texting and social media.  My imagination runs wild at... Read more »

I Can't Hear You I'm Texting

“I’m listening to you.”  My husband says while texting his coworker, watching SportCenter and playing chess on the laptop. “I heard you.” I told my kids as I was Gmail chatting with my Mom, downloading new tunes for our IPod and emailing about a play date from my BlackBerry. “I didn’t hear you calling me.” My... Read more »

Are You a Closet Facebook User?

I have 221 Facebook ”friends” yet if you asked at least 50 percent of them, they would say, “I never go on Facebook.”  Then why do you have an account? About 25% of my “friends” are lurkers.  They never comment, post, or show proof that they’ve been there…but they’ve been there.  In conversation it comes up that they read... Read more »
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