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Are You Able to Let Go?

Are You Able to Let Go?
I have a hard time sitting still.  My head swims with chores I should be doing, projects I need to start or I activities I want to share with my kids.  Although I have always loved yoga, I initially had a hard time with savasana.  At the end of class, we lay on our backs in complete... Read more »

Random Thoughts on Single Parenting

I hesitate to write that I am currently a single parent.  Not sure if that is offensive or fair, as my kids do have a loving father.  He just happens to be watching basketball in Las Vegas the past 5 days. 1.  I have so much respect for every single parent out there.  To juggle schedules, work,... Read more »

How I Spent Twelve Hours Alone

How I Spent Twelve Hours Alone
  Last weekend my husband was away on business and my parents graciously allowed my kids to sleepover.  I had 12 hours to myself for the first time in recent memory.  Did I go out with my childless friends I never see?  Did I go to a movie alone?  Did I run errands, clean the... Read more »
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