David Swenson reminds us of the roots of yoga

David Swenson reminds us of the roots of yoga

This morning I took a workshop at Shri Yoga Center with David Swenson called Ashtanga: The Tradition of Yoga. The friendly class explored the origins of modern day flow yoga and how it connects with the arrival of Ashtanga in the Western world. David, who began practicing at age 13 in the 1960's, reminds us of the roots of yoga and how it has evolved and changed since then.

There was no Lululemon, classes called power or turbo yoga or fancy heated studios, it is all stems from Ashtanga and the Five Elements of Practice: Breath, Bandhas, Drishti, Asana and Vinyasa. Swenson discussed and demonstrated in a funny and intriguing way.

Yoga is meant to build heat, prana and cosmic energy inside our bodies and in turn share the joy and compassion with others, to hopefully make our world a better place.  With the popularity of yoga, often that is lost and many try to push themselves too far.  Yoga is not intended to be perfect, judged or about extreme poses.  All we need to do is create the heat inside ourselves to feel the benefits.

As we coincided our breath and moved together through sun salutations, it was clear that anyone, anywhere in the world can do yoga together.  There is no language needed and the guru told us that he has worked with blind, death, paralyzed and injured yogis that are all able to do yoga.

I am looking forward to taking my learnings into my practice and sharing with others. 

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