How to make mom friends

How to make mom friends

The kids are back to school and although our little ones generally transition easily, for some of us it is a challenge to make mom friends.  I've made many mom friends over the years beginning with our babies in playgroup.  As is life, people move, new schools start, our kids needs shift and again as moms we are in the position to get to know the adults around us.

For some of you extroverts, this may seem bizarre.  I hope there are other introverts who would agree new friendships at forty aren't always easy. There are always groups of moms that already know each other and, just like high school, it can be awkward.  But, from all of these years of experience, I've learned that once your get to know each woman individually, they are usually very nice and interesting people.

Here are a few tips I've learned over the years. 

  1. Eye contact is a big one for me.  I learned that if I'm not showered or feeling my best I tend to avoid eye contact. It is vital to connect with others' eyes.
  2. Smile at others.  Over the years I've realized that maybe I have RBF (resting bitch face :).  This was obviously not intentional, yet I can avoid that by smiling.
  3. Just do it.  Invite the mom for a cup of coffee or a walk.  You have your kids in common as a conversation starting point, usually it is easy to find commonalities from there.
  4. Get involved.  I wasn't sure if getting involved in the school was my cup of tea, but it is a wonderful way to get to know other mamas as well as see your children and their teachers in action.
  5. Be kind. Everyone is busy these days. Slowing down and taking a minute to hold open the door or offering to help bring home someone elses child goes a long way.
  6. Be patient.  Friendships are not built in a day.  It takes time to get to know, trust and feel comfortable with new friends.

Have you experienced it challenging to meet mom friends?  Do you have any tips for meeting new people? 

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