An interview with my nine-year-old on her birthday

An interview with my nine-year-old on her birthday

My little girl turns nine today!  This year she embraced a new house, neighborhood, school and friends and has impressed me with her resilience, kindness and knowledge.  I'm proud of the strong girl she is growing into and my heart swells when I watch her dance and create art, songs, stories and games.

She is enjoying her somewhat annual pink donut with sprinkles and we are soon heading to the American Girl store.  Side note: At what age does the American Girl craze end?  We've been going since she was five!)

As always, I asked her the annual birthday questions this morning.

1.  Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

My family

 2. What is your favorite color? 


 3.  What is your favorite thing to wear? 



 4.  What is your favorite sport? 


5. What is your favorite cereal?

Fruit loops (only allowed to eat on vacation)

 6. Who is your best friend?

My brother, Dylan


 7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A pop star and a veterinarian

8.  What is your favorite book?

I like all my books. 

 9.  What are you really good at?



 10.  Where do you wish you could go on vacation?


11. What is your best memory?

I don't have a specific one. I like all fun memories. 

12. What would you buy if you had a $1000?

A mansion

13.  What vegetable do you like the most?


14.  If you could have one wish what would it be?

To have more wishes


15. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


16. Who is your biggest hero?

My family


17. What do you like to do with your friends?



18. What do you hope to accomplish by your next birthday?

A front flip! 

Happy Birthday to my sweet nine-year-old. Does this mean I now have TWO TWEENS in my house?  

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