Full-length mirrors: helpful or hurtful?

Full-length mirrors: helpful or hurtful?

We recently moved into a brand new house and are slowly getting the blanks space together.  There are endless things we still need ranging from large furniture to small toilet paper holders and towel racks.  One other item we are low on right now are mirrors and I noticed that we don't have one full-length mirror.

Next I realized I am currently feeling confident in my body and there has been little dwelling on what I look like lately.

In our old house our closet doors were mirrors.  Therefore, basically I was looking at myself anytime I was in my room. I would analyze the way my stomach looked in certain shirts and if I appeared long and lean in my yoga clothes.  I'm happy to not constantly be looking, observing and judging myself.

After all isn't it about what is on the inside and not the outside?

Do you have a full-length mirror in your home? 

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