Be vulnerable on your yoga mat

Be vulnerable on your yoga mat

One of the many reasons I love yoga is my opportunity to be vulnerable on my mat.  Once I breathe and clear my mind, my truly authentic self emerges.

When my body moves and focuses on my alignment and rhythmic inhales and exhales, there is little room left to wonder how I appear versus how I feel.

On my mat I rarely think of:

-Other people

-How my body looks

-What others may think of me

The majority of yogis surrounding me are also focused inward and unaware of how deep my forward fold is or how long I balance in crow pose. More important, I know I am pushing myself, doing my best and embracing my imperfections.

The more I practice and grow, I am learning to let go and take my lessons off the mat.  I use balance, strength, flexibility and grace when I flow through the physical poses and with time I've found that those same qualities can be applied to my daily life.  I hope my yoga practice extends far beyond that space and I am able to be completely vulnerable in the real world, despite how complicated, intense and scary it can be.

Are you able to be vulnerable during yoga? How about in real life? 

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