What to expect at Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness is suddenly popping up all over the place.  They were at every street fair this summer passing out information and even at a school event last week.  Plus, a new one just opened literally across the street from me and I had to try it out. Luckily, I had a yoga student/friend I planned to meet had no excuse not to show up even though I felt nervous about the unknown hour ahead.

They asked me to arrive 30 minutes early for my first class to fill out the paperwork, get a heart rate monitor, meet the teacher and understand what Orange Theory is all about.  I learned that each person in the room's heart rate is shown on screens throughout the studio. A chart showed by it was ideal to be in the orange zone, the second highest zone.


When class started, half the room began on treadmills and half on rowing machines.  Loud music and the teacher guided us on variations and short burs to increase intensity followed by recovery at a slower speed or incline. We rotated between machines incorporating weights, burpies and TRX in the workout.

My heart rate was in the red zone, the highest zone, the majority of the class although I didn't feel at my complete max.  Yes, it was challenging, but I could adjust my intensity and power walked while others jogged or ran.

It was interesting and distracting to watch my heart rate on the screen, I found myself worrying that I was in the red so frequently.


Class went by pretty quickly and as soon as it was over we had our report emailed to us, which I thought was cool and immediately forwarded to my husband and sister and asked if they wanted to join me for a class.

Have you tried Orange Theory?  Are you considering trying a class? 

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