Lice: Is your head itching yet?

Lice: Is your head itching yet?

I think I can finally begin to write about this now that I am thankfully past it.

A few weeks ago we had lice at our house.  My daughter got a note sent home in backpack mail that informed us someone in her class had lice.  I checked her head then, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary on her scalp.

I noticed she was scratching her head and I looked again and didn't see anything unusual.

Next my head began to itch, but it always itches when someone starts talking about lice. It is one of those weird phenomenas.  Are you scratching your head now?

The next day my son bluntly said, "I think I have lice, my head has been itching all day."

I checked his mop of hair and didn't see anything.  Then I looked at my daughter's head and saw little yellow (eggs) in her hair, I thought.

Honestly, I freaked out.  We all have lice! (Side note: not a good technique to freak out kids, try to stay calm.)

My first instinct was to call a neighborhood spot Nit Free Noggins, that specialized in chemically-free removing this type of problem.  They called me back quickly and scheduled a time to see us.  My current frantic state was willing to pay any amount of money to get rid of these bugs.  I still have no regrets, it was worth every penny.

My son, daughter and I all had lice.  Somehow my husband, who did get checked, didn't get it.

Nit Free Noggins has a guaranteed formula that kills all the lice with heat, then removes from hair with a special comb and applies an oil with a shower cap at the end.  While we spent close to four hours in this very bright, white room, my husband removed all linens, towels, pillows, hats, stuffed animals, clothes, brushes, backpacks and jackets.  Either washing and drying or putting in airtight bags for 48 hours will kill the lice.

That night we literally slept on a clean sheet with a folded towel under our heads.

It was not fun, cheap or easy in any way.  But, now that we are past it I can say through teamwork, help and lots of laundry the lice are gone.

Have you dealt with lice before?  

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