While I'm Away - Links to Keep Busy

While I'm Away - Links to Keep Busy
Photo of Guanajuato, Mexico found on piccentre.com

Today at 3:00 p.m. Winter Break officially begins!  Although the kids love school, they (and me) are thrilled for a two week break.   Tomorrow we head to warm Mexico with my family and I've decided to leave my computer at home. (I went a few days this week without a phone and it was surprisingly liberating.)

If you are in the reading mood while I am away, here are somethings to look at over the next week.


8 ways to stay healthy despite the cold weather. 

How I quit drinking wine every night. 

Where to hide holiday gifts. 


Why I am banning my kids from bounce houses. 

Your kids will never be bored again. 

My worst parenting moment. 


My favorite salad.

Black bean, corn, red pepper salad with lime vinaigrette. 

Roasted cauliflower with chickpeas and chives. 


What I am reading

and another one

one more

If you still have gifts to buy, here is my gift guide (and last years.)

I hope you have a fabulous holiday season.  Remember your presence is better than any presents.  

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