The Affair: The show to binge watch now

The Affair: The show to binge watch now

My husband and I started Showtime's "The Affair" this weekend.  We are three shows in and I am patiently waiting for him to come home so that we can watch a few more episodes this week.

Only ten episodes and one season have been released so far and I know it will be a quick show to complete.  What attracts me the most is the way that the story is told.  The hour episodes are split into two stories.  The first half is Noah's Story (a married writer from New York City) and the second is Allison's Story (a small town girl suffering from the loss of her son.)


Each episode shows the character's affair from their points of view. This is especially interesting as the two have amazingly different perspectives of the same event.  In addition, there are trials and questioning leading us to believe that someone (possibly Allison's husband Cole, played by Dawson's Creek cute Joshua Jackson).

The writing on the Montauk based mystery is unique, unconventional and clever. I can't wait to watch the rest and see how it wraps up.


Have you watched The Affair?  What are you binge watching these days?

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