Why I am banning my children from Bounce Houses

Why I am banning my children from Bounce Houses

The news just reported another bounce house accident.  A gust of wind blew a house off the ground filled with a handful of children.

Emergency room visits are all too common when these popular kids activities are present.

Last May a bounce house flew 50 feet into the air and sent two kids to the hospital.

Yes, that is a bounce house in the air.  Photo from gawker.

Yes, that is a bounce house in the air. Photo from gawker.

Similar incidents have happened in Oklahoma and Colorado.  In addition, broken bones, head and neck injuries from inflatables are all too common.

CNN reported as Dr. Gary Smith from Nationwide Children's Hospital launched the first study to find out how many inflatable bouncer-related injuries occurred in the United States.

"According to its data, the number of inflatable bouncer-related injuries rose 1,500% between 1995 and 2010."  Smith believes if these numbers were statistics for an infectious disease, it would be considered a public health emergency. "This is an emerging hazard, something that should be taken seriously, but something that can be prevented," he says.

My kids always love to play inside these blow-up trampolines that are everywhere including soccer class, street fairs and birthday parties.

Besides the scary news stories, they also are a petri dish of germs. Have you ever seen one being cleaned or disinfected?

I'm beginning to rethink my stance on bounce houses. They just don't seem safe to me anymore.

Never say never but I think we are going to stay away from these fun houses for awhile.  There are other ways my kids can have fun and burn energy without risking their safety.

The Child Injury Prevention Alliance offers Inflatable Bouncers safety tips that are important to read and follow.

Do you let your kids play in bounce houses? 

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