Records from the 70's: Keep or Sell?

Records from the 70's: Keep or Sell?

Back in my high school and college days I developed a pretty nice record collection.  At that time I had an old school stereo with two tape decks and a record player on top.

I listened to these records all the time.  I would stare at the intricate artwork on the covers as the record hypnotically spun.  I learned every single word from all The Beatles, Grateful Dead and Hair albums from these vinyl treasures.


At some point the crate of records ended up in my old bedroom closet at my parent's house.


Last week as my mom prepares to redecorate she insisted I take them.

Now they are sitting untouched in the middle of my bedroom.

Should I put them back in the closet for another 20 years?  Where could I sell them?  Maybe I should make art out of them.  Or possibly they belong in the trash.


I need your help on this one.

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