Please do not yell at my child

Please do not yell at my child

Dear Random Friend, Mom or Stranger,

Please do not yell at my child.

You are welcome to talk to him or her.  As I've said before, I am all about the "it takes a village" philosophy and am happy to allow any of you to teach my child a lesson.

The thing is that children learn by talking, amongst other things.  When you yell, most kids (and adults) automatically go into "fight" or "flight" mode and do not listen to the too loud words that are coming out of your mouth.

I might add sarcastic and condescending comments usually fly over my kids' head and simply leave me really angry.  Every child is different and responds their own way to feedback and criticism.  Our job is to teach these little ones how to behave politely, with plenty of room for error and growth.

Each family develops their own rules and do their best to create well-behaved children.  Yes, I am not perfect I have yelled at my children, but I find it generally ineffective.

There is a caveat to this story.  Of course, if my child is running into traffic or about to put their life at risk it is ok for you to yell at my child.

Thanks for listening,


Honestly, you can tell me if I am overacting.  Do you find it uncomfortable when someone that is not you is yelling at your child? 

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