I miss my husband

I miss my husband
best dad ever

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That's easy.  I miss my husband.  I've touched on this life transition before.

It is good that he is gone.  He is in a new job that will better provide for our family and even more important give him a new sense of excitement and growth.

I desperately try to be a supportive wife and never whine or complain to him while he is away training for long hours in a multiple states each week.

"I'm fine," I always say.  Not wanting to create more stress involving him in our every day problems.  The dog ate his bed and there is fuzz all over our house, is hardly a priority when you are dealing with people's lives.

As I move on strong and stoic, it would be wrong for me not to admit that I do not miss my husband.

I miss how he plugs in my cell phone every night after I'm passed out as he heads to bed.

I miss how he kisses me on the cheek as I sleep when he leaves before anyone is awake.

I miss his texts to wake me up.

I miss our family dinners.

I miss the help on bath nights.

I miss the other person to take over bedtime when all I want to do is be alone.

I miss talking at night.

I miss when he lets out the dog and turns on the alarm at night.

I miss him next to me in bed.

But, I am lucky and know this is temporary and he will be home soon.

The sappy, but beautiful book and movie, The Notebook says it the best.

"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected."

There are times it feels good to be vulnerable and open.  Who do you miss most?

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