Do you want to be touched during yoga class?

Do you want to be touched during yoga class?
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A new yoga student came up to me after his first class glowing.  He told me how much he enjoyed class and then asked me a question I've been thinking about a lot.

"When do you begin to adjust and correct me?"

I explained to him that generally I like to get to know my students before I begin to invade their practice space.

How teachers choose to guide and support students varies greatly depending upon training, personal style and skills. As with other aspects of yoga teaching, there are no rules about assisting.

According to Yoga Journal:

Physical adjustment is a direct and personal form of communication. Done well, it can be transformational—but done poorly, it can be confusing to students and can even cause injury.

"Manual adjustments are a form of transmission," says senior Shadow Yoga teacher Mark Horner. "The teacher is transmitting information through the hands directly to the student."

This very intimate aid can be uncomfortable to some students dealing with trauma or physical abuse.  I want each individual to feel safe in my class and work to develop a trusting relationship with them.

Personally, I LOVE adjustments from my teachers that I practice with regularly.  Yet, I have been injured before from improper adjustments from teachers that do not know my body and me.

Do you enjoy being adjusted during class?  Is there a specific pose that you hope to go deeper in with an adjustment?   

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