Stop Thumb Sucking: I wish I had the answers

Stop Thumb Sucking: I wish I had the answers

My daughter has always been a thumb sucker and it has never been a problem to me.  In fact, I actually find it adorable and love falling asleep listening to her as she rhythmically sucks her thumb.

The girl has an entire science behind it.  She takes her hair, twists it under her nose and methodically rubs her it with one hand as she put her thumb in her mouth.  Again, it's adorable as weird as it sounds.

Dr. Bob, the dentist, obviously has been firmly telling me at every appointment that the thumb sucking is permanently damaging her bite and she needs to stop the habit.

He suggested a thumb guard first and if that fails, to insert a metal plate in her mouth that will physically not allow her to get her thumb up there.  The latter seems extreme to me.

I rationalize that she is quiet when she sucks her thumb.  It is a sign to me that she is tired and I'm grateful she can self soothe herself.  I know she will have braces, my husband and I were not graced with beautiful mouths and we both suffered through years with metal in our mouth.

She was excited when the thumb guard arrived and put it on immediately.  I must have gotten over confident after she fell asleep that night without her thumb in her mouth and wore the guard all day at school.

Today she declared she no longer wants to wear it.


Should I let it go in hopes she will stop on her own someday or should I follow the dentist's orders and insert a metal plate in her mouth? 

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