Father's Day: What to Give the Dad that has Everything

Father's Day: What to Give the Dad that has Everything
DAD Photo Frame

In the 30 plus years I've been buying my dad gifts and the 8 years I've been coming up with ideas for my husband; I think I covered everything from BBQ accessories to exercise gear.  Although, they appreciate my efforts, I know, I rarely see them putting my gift to good use.

The reality is does anyone really need more stuff?  The point of the day is to thank them for being a wonderful father to you and your children.

These gifts help get the message across plus I promise will actually get used.

Personal Photo Mugs - Cliche, yes.  Useful - yes.  My husband drinks out of his coffee mug every Saturday and Sunday (assuming it is cleaned by then) morning.  We love to look at the photo of our big boy then so little and sweet.  This gift can be repeated yearly; as it is fun to watch the children grow through the years.

DAD Photo Frame - Apparently, I'm into the cheesy gifts.  I like keepsakes and kids grow so rapidly, each year is a good time to reflect on how they have changed.  For this buy a frame with 3 openings.  Take a picture of one, all or a combination of children holding a wooden (or drawn) letter D, another with A and one more with D.  Print out photos and place in frame. (See example above.)

Personalized Collar Stays -  My husband puts these in his shirt every morning.  Not only practical, but also a nice little reminder for him that the kids and I love him.

Fitbit Read all about why I love the Fitbit here.  Dads enjoy this because it keeps them in check; they worry about their summer body too.  Also, they love gadgets and apps - and this is one they will be checking nonstop as they get in shape.  We all want our dads and husbands to be healthy, right?

Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi - This book is a must read for all parents.  Author, yoga teacher, writer and father Brian Leaf turns his observant wit, and the calming effects of yoga toward his journey into "conscious parenting."

Here is the trailer:

Breakfast in Bed - We moms are not the only one who enjoy a morning without getting up with the kids.  Dads really appreciate a lazy morning with homemade breakfast brought to them on a tray.

What are you planning to get your dad and husband for Father's Day? 

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