The good and the bad of the fitbit

The good and the bad of the fitbit
The fitbit flex is a lightweight bracelet you wear that tracks your steps.

My parents gifted me a fitbit flex for Mother's Day.  They know me well and my interest in staying healthy and in shape.

Honestly, I hadn't thought much about the device before it was in my hands as it seemed a little too gimmicky for me.  After all, I assumed I knew to move more and eat less.  I didn't think I needed a bracelet to tell me that.

I was wrong.  Still a newbie, I've noticed an accountability to actually get in more steps, less calories and have lost about a pound a day this first week I've been wearing it.

This is how it works and all that is tracks.

This is how it works and all that is tracks.

The Good

1.  Surprisingly comfortable.  I'm the type that takes off all of my jewelry at the end of the day. I was pleased to easily sleep, exercise, shower and wear the fitbit nonstop without discomfort.

2. Tracks sleep. Again, I didn't think it was necessary because I know what time I go to bed and wake up.  Yet, I was shocked to see how much of my sleep was restless or I was actually awake.

Who knew I was up 18 times throughout night?

Who knew I was awake 18 minutes throughout night?

3. Pressure.  Even though it was cold and drizzling at school pick up time,  I walked as I wanted to reach my goal of 10,000 steps.  There also is a friends option where you can see how much they are moving.  Of course you don't want to look lazy in front of your fitbit "friends."

4.  Simple formula works.  If you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight.  It is easy for you to track food and see if you have calories left for a treat.  Otherwise, get more steps in.

The Bad

1. Obsession Maybe it is just me, but I find my OCD kicks in and I need to check my steps repeatedly.  The need to reach 10,000 steps is huge - I might even walk back and forth while I am brushing my teeth or watching television.

2. Doesn't track everything.  The device actually measures according to arm movement.  While grocery shopping and pushing the cart or a stroller, the fitbit can't track how many steps because your arm is stagnant.  It also doesn't know what to make of yoga, as I'm not stepping but obviously working very hard.

3.  It breaks. Many of my friends claim they once had a fitbit but it broke.  It is water resistant, but some have claimed it has stopped working after showers or swimming.

4. Can't wear forever. In reality, I hope I can use my learnings to change my habits without having to track every bite, step and sleep and not be a slave to this application.

In the meantime, it is hugely helpful and my spirits have been high this past week since I've been wearing the fitbit flex.

Do you have a fitbit?  What are your good and bad with the flex?  I'm curious on your experience with the device; please share below.

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