No more excuses with Artizone Healthy Snack Packs

No more excuses with Artizone Healthy Snack Packs

I've pretty much given up on snacking these days.  I can't eat one piece of chocolate or a handful of pretzels without wanting to go back for more.

After this realization, I've stocked up on fruits and vegetables and not bought any of the junk.  As a result, my kids have been forced to eat healthier as well.

It was perfect kismet, that Artizone contacted me about their new Healthy Snack Packs.

photo 2-27

Artizone, Chicagoland’s only online and year-round marketplace for fresh, small-batch, artisan foods is partnering with Packed Produce to offer top-quality produce conveniently pre-packaged into individual servings. These convenient snack options are perfect for lunchboxes, midday snacks, post-workout refueling, team snacks or anyone looking to eat healthy on-the-go.

Healthy Snack Packs feature six, individually packaged 3 oz. servings of fresh fruits and vegetables for $13.95. These healthy snack packs include ready-to-eat, fresh produce such as: Gala apples, D’Anjou pears, golden pineapple, sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes and a carrot/jicama combo.

Before we ate all of our goodies we created art out of the beautiful fruits and veggies.

photo 3-14


photo 4-11


Then, of course, we ate it all!

photo 5-6

This convenient new snack option is available for order on now. Healthy Snack Packs are also available for 4, 8 or 12-week subscriptions so you always have them on hand to grab and go as you run out the door!

How do you manage to snack healthy? Share your tips below. 

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