Asana of the Day: Pigeon Pose

Asana of the Day: Pigeon Pose
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Today is the first in a new series where I will be detailing yoga asanas and the benefits they offer your body. For now I'm sticking with basic poses that most people can do.  I will offer tips to modify if needed.

One-legged King Pigeon or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana is a deep hip stretch.

Here are steps to get into it.

1. Get on hands and knees.

2. Slide right leg forward and work to align your knee and ankle with the front of your mat.

(option to place a blanket or block under right hip)

A prop under the hip helps if you are tight in your hips. Photo from

A prop under the hip helps if you are tight in your hips. Photo from

3. Check to see your back leg is aligned with your left hip.

4. Work to level your hips and lift up through the crown of your head.

5.  If it feels okay, come forward resting your head on the mat, your folded arms or a block.

6. Take deep breaths.

7.  Notice the release and opening in your hips.

8. Carefully push yourself up to hands and knees.

9. Repeat on the second side.

Pigeon Pose physically opens the hip joint, lengthens the groin, psoas and hip flexor.  The pose also helps with urinary disorders, improves posture and alleviates sciatic pain.  Emotionally Pigeon releases negative feelings and energy inside.

Do you want to try Pigeon Pose?   Share with me how this pose makes you feel.  Do you have any requests for Asana of the Day?  Let me know below.

My daughter demos Pigeon Pose.

My daughter demos Pigeon Pose.

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