Friday Favorites: Buddha Jewelry, Silk Eye Pillows and Recycling K-Cups

Friday Favorites: Buddha Jewelry, Silk Eye Pillows and Recycling K-Cups

This week started out warm and hopeful.  The kids and I actually played outside without jackets on.  Then Tuesday morning it was like a dream.  The remainder of the week has been cold, dark and rainy.

I reminded my little ones as we drove to school with the windshield wipers on wearing our raincoats and boots that "April Showers Bring May Flowers."  My second grader chimed in "Mayflowers Bring Pilgrims."  I had never heard that one before.

Despite the darkness, I have found much light in my life this week.  Besides my witty kids, these are some cool things I wanted to share with you.



One of the highlights of my week is when I received this beautiful Buddha Pendant from Melis Accessories.  I love that it is heavy and substantial and I won't ever forget that I am wearing it.

We eat a lot of nuts in our house and I often worry about this when the kids bring new friends over.  Allermates offers cool wristbands and lunch boxes for kids with allergies.

A must-read children's book about teaching your children techniques to learn to breathe and feel good about their bodies.

This 100% Silk Eye Pillow pictured below is filled with flax seeds and lavender and feels and smells like heaven during svasana or simply if I need a few minutes to relieve headaches or tension.



What do you think of this fancy, modern rocking chair for my family room?  It is handmade by a Chicago artist.

A genius idea for recycling K-Cups and using for planting your garden seeds.

I really hope we can spend some time outdoors this weekend.  What are your plans for the days ahead? 

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