Make your own Almond Milk in seven easy steps

Make your own Almond Milk in seven easy steps

I buy Almond Milk from the grocery store every week for about $3.00.

This weekend I learned that I can very easily make it at home and it costs about .50 cents (the cost of one cup of almonds that I buy in bulk).

Step 1: Soak almonds in one inch of purified water in a bowl overnight


Step 2: Drain and rinse almonds

photo 1-12

Step 3: Add soaked almonds and two cups purified water to Vitamix

photo 5-3

Step 4: Blend for 2-3 minutes

photo 3-7

Step 5: Strain blended almonds over cheesecloth, strainer and into bowl.

photo 4-6

Step 6: Save almond meal for these tasty cookies.


Step 7: Enjoy fresh almond milk.

photo 1-13

Have you made your own almond milk?  Are you going to try it? 

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