Dog Sledding in Bayfield Wisconsin

Dog Sledding in Bayfield Wisconsin

My parents are way more adventurous then I am.  They have done everything from zip lining in Honduras to night diving in Bora Bora.

Their newest idea was to take our family dog sledding in Bayfield, Wisconsin.  The idea sounded fun before we knew this was going to be the coldest and longest winter ever.

Despite the frigid temperature and nine-hour car ride, we drove into the wilderness and safely arrived at a beautiful, quaint bed and breakfast.


The next morning we woke up early to see the thermometer was at -13.


We put on a lot of clothes.  For example my boy kept his pajamas on and then put on two pairs of corduroy pant plus snow pants!

After devouring a delicious egg casserole with coffee, we waddled out the door and headed down empty quiet roads until deep within the woods.

There we met our guides and the beautiful dogs that would be pulling us in a ride through the trees. Before starting our journey, we fed and harnessed the dogs.

After gracefully floating through the snow (minus a fall or two), we stopped in the middle of nowhere for a lunch of hot chocolate and fish chowder served on a snow table.


Following lunch we got back on our sleds and used many muscles to glide back towards our car.

We were sweating, but freezing, tired and exhilarated.

photo 2-11

The kids did not complain, helped, listened and are still talking about the next time they go dog sledding.

While in Bayfield we also enjoyed the ice caves.


And drove across frozen Lake Superior.

This has been a record breaking cold winter.  Once I realized the weather wasn't getting warmer, I decided to embrace the cold and had a once in a lifetime weekend with my family.


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