Are Olympic Ice Dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis a Couple?

Are Olympic Ice Dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis a Couple?
They look in love! Photo from USA Today.

The world watched as Charlie White and Meryl Davis eloquently skated their way to be the first time United States Gold Medalists in Ice Dancing.  We were attracted to their story because they have been skating together for seventeen years since the age of 10.  During that time their committed mothers have since become best friends and attended every practice and event together.

Despite many interviews, I've never been clear if the long time professional ice dancing couple is also a real-life couple.

They spend hours a day together practicing and competing for the majority of their lives plus they attend the same college in Michigan.  When they perform they are physically quite close often playing characters that are affectionate and in love.

Yahoo Sports reports that Charlie White is in a long-term relationship with model and former figure skater Tanith Belbin.  White admitted he prefers to keep his off-ice relationship a secret, for competitive reasons.

"Because we've been doing it for so long it just seems so natural," White said.  "Meryl and I…we've always been great friends, and we have a special relations, but we've never been romantically involved." He continued.

If sister and brother team Mai And Alex Shibutani can perform romantic dances, there is no reason long-time platonic partners White and Davis can't do the same and win a Gold Medal for it.  I bet their moms are proud.

Were you wondering if Charlie White and Meryl Davis were in a relationship?  Does it change your view of them when you find out they aren't?

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