The secret to become the perfect mom

The secret to become the perfect mom
Photo from The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide

I've loosened up a lot lately about what defines a perfect mom.  Many ideals and rules that I began parenting with, no longer seem as important.

I let my kids stay up late.

I regrettably allow them to enjoy sugar on special occasions.  Which seems a little too often for my liking.

I buy them too many things they don't need.

They watch TV; play with the iPad, computer and video games.

I allow my children to play with toys that are made out of plastic instead of the preferred wood or cloth.

They are not currently enrolled in swimming, piano, Spanish or soccer.

I now realize what makes the perfect mom is one who listens.  Isn't that all a child wants is to be heard?

Some days I do not want to listen to the entire story of the book my boy just finished or play tea party again with my girl, but I do or at least try.

I really listen to their developing vocabulary and specific choice of words.

I watch their facial expressions and throat ripples with each swallow.

I notice each little too-long finger nail on my daughter and every soft blond hair on my boy's arm.

I know that they know they are loved.

I hope that they always believe that I am available to listen to them.

Then I feel close as I'll ever be to the perfect mom.


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