23 things I learned today

23 things I learned today
I'm glad I stopped to take a photo of the moon tonight.

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Today I learned:

1. That even though you ate too many Hershey Kisses the night before, you still have to get out of bed and put on your tight jeans.

2. Music works to get the kids out of bed.

3. I do not enjoy the song Gangham Style. 

4. My 8 year old loves it.

5. And it gets him out of bed.

6. Trader Joe's French toast is an easy quick breakfast in a pinch.

7. Putting gloves on a five year old is a test of patience.

8. Kissing my kids and telling my husband goodbye in the morning is important.

9. It is better to do a little laundry each day, then do it all at once.

10. Facebook only let's 2% of my followers see my posts.

11. Being friendly to school moms can get you invited to a nice holiday lunch.

12. The holiday gift exchange game is fun.

13. Even more fun after a couple bloody mary's.

14. When one door closes another opens.*

15. Look your kids in the eyes everyday after school, it is amazing what you can see.

16. It is hard to explain division to a second grader.

17. It is awesome to watch a kindergartener learn to read.

18. You never know unless you ask.*

19. As much as I love my kids, I enjoy leaving to teach yoga.

20. I find so much joy in being a part of pregnant woman's lives at such a special time for them.

21. There is a beautiful full moon tonight.

22. I'm lucky to come home to still awake children that immediately want hugs.

23. It's a pleasure to share what I learned today with you.

What did you learn today? 

*More info on changes in my yoga schedule in the new year

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