Can I let my daughter quit gymnastics?

Can I let my daughter quit gymnastics?

The little one started Kindergarten this year and there have been all sort of changes happening.  Some days she animately tells me details about morning centers and other children in her classroom and some afternoons I get nothing.

In general I follow her lead as I know the change from two hours of school to seven is drastic and takes adjusting.

My high energy girl is always climbing and flipping and for sure has her Dad's agility.  Gymnastics is made for her and when I took her inside the facility she stood in shock as she looked at the huge room of bars, beams and mats.

We waited on a waiting list for months and were both beyond excited to get "accepted" into the class.

The first class was awesome, she wanted to go back to gymanstics immediately and performed over 100 somersaults in the following 2 hours.

The second class something happened.  My husband took her to the class and had to step outside for a phone call.  She came home hating gymnastics. That is all I know.

The third class I literally had to force her in and then she cried through the glass window begging for me to take her out.

I smiled back at her blowing kisses and giving her thumbs up, but desperately I wanted to take her out.  Should I make her stay I wondered?

Finally, I asked the women at the desk and she went to go ask her what was wrong. She said she wanted to leave. So we left.

I know this girl that is hanging from shower curtains and flipping on playground bars is made for gymnastics, but maybe the studio or timing is not right and I should accept that. Is it right for me to let her quit gymnastics?

Did I handle that wrong?  Should I force my child to stay in something she does not like?

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