My advice to prevent a big mess: read directions carefully

My advice to prevent a big mess: read directions carefully
Poor, sick, Puppy.

I always read directions carefully now.  I learned my lesson the hard way.

A little over five years ago I was nine months pregnant with a two year old.  We moved into our beautiful new home less than three weeks before our daughter was born.  I am still not clear on how we unpacked and hung everything before I went into labor ten days early.  The early labor might have something to do with what we call in our family; PoopGate.

In my nesting state, I was insistent that our new house did not have dog hair everywhere like our previous cramped condo did.  My husband sensed my hormonal frantic state and bought a shed defense liquid supplement from Petco insisting that the dog will shed less with a few pumps of it in his food.

Anxious to get started, I haphazardly did what I thought the instructions said and my dog ate it right up.

The rest of the August day I continued my nesting and sucking in the last moments with an only child in his new big boy bed. We fell asleep in the stuffy, hot room no idea PoopGate was happening below us.

My husband apologized for waking me, his hugely pregnant exhausted wife, and insisted we had a real emergency.  I looked to confirm I was still pregnant and couldn't figure out what could be the problem.

The smell was so horrid that I don't think I can accurately describe it without vomiting.  Enough said.

PoopGate was worse than I could ever have imagined.

Our fresh 3-day old house was covered with diarrhea.  Every room, every corner, even splattered on the walls. It was everywhere.  There were boxes still unpacked in the basement sitting in the poor sick dog's poop.

We had not yet made a Costco run to stock up on cleaning supplies or paper towels, so I immediately made a seven a.m. trip in my pajamas to get what I could.  We cleaned every corner of the house and later went out to buy a hose, mop, new door mats and other necessities.

It wasn't over, the pooch was sick for three days and the nights continually improved, but there were still messes to clean up every morning and throughout the day.  Not ideal for a nine-month pregnant lady.  The dog and I ate white rice to settle our queasy stomachs.

I later learned it was all my fault.  I read the directions on the No Shed product wrong and gave him twice as much as I should have and clearly too much for his stomach to handle.  I could have prevented the disaster that occurred to our just acquired home.  Also, I could have stopped my first child, my dog, from being very, very, very, very sick.

My advice to all: Read Directions.  
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