Are we done with DVDS?

Are we done with DVDS?

Is there a room in your house that is dying to be organized?  There are several areas in my home that can use a good once over, but our office is in dire need of some organization.

Every time I step foot in the small room that serves as my husband and my office plus storage for DVDs, CDs, video games, art supplies, paperwork, Legos, workout equipment, a banjo, coats, back packs and any other miscellaneous stuff that doesn't have a better place to live, I get stressed and tell myself, "I must clean this room."

It is overwhelming, where do I begin?

I started with the DVDs.  They were taking over an expanding corner and I cannot remember the last time we watched a DVD.  Between Netflix and On Demand, is there really a need for DVDs anymore?

Are DVDs becoming extinct like Beta and VHS?

I matched up all the loose DVDs with their cases, but couldn't bear to give them away...yet.

Instead, I packed them into a large Tupperware-type container and moved them to the basement where I am sure they will sit untouched for years.

Are DVDs over?


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