The dry brush naturally reduces cellulite

The dry brush naturally reduces cellulite

In the same week both my massage therapist and yoga teacher gave me a dry brush.  I considered it a sign and wondered how this simple wood brush could help my body.   Soon brushing my body daily before I got in the shower became part of my routine.

"Dry brushing loosens dead cells, stimulates acupressure points, tickles your chi, massages your meridians, moves the lymph, helps reduce cellulite, stimulates your immune system, wakes up circulation and makes your skin soooo soft and velvety!" Raves Kris Carr.

MS patients have raved that it stimulates circulation very well and the effect (less fatigue/brain fog etc.) comes in seconds & lasts for some hours.

Do you know where your lymph nodes are? There are 500-600 bean-sized lymph nodes in your body and they are found in the neck, chest, underarms, abdomen, groin, and knees. It is important for your health to use lymphatic drainage tools and techniques wherever your lymph nodes are for maximum benefit.

A benefit of lymphatic drainage and circulation is the prevention of poor health and disease. A clogged lymph system and compromised nodes could contribute to the many ailments, which most often affect areas where your lymph nodes are found.

In addition to the above benefits, I began to notice my upper legs looking much more smooth as the cellulite began to disappear.  This itself was enough to convince me of the benefit of the dry brush.  It feels cleansing to remove the dead skin cells, cottage cheese thighs and hopefully improve circulation and lymph nodes.

Dry brushes can be bought many places both online and at spas, here is one for less than ten dollars.

Did I convince you to try dry brushing?

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