I left my phone at home

I left my phone at home

Rushing out the door to teach yoga I somehow left my phone at home.  I was less than two blocks away when I put my hand in the front pocket of my purse and it wasn't there.  To be honest I panicked at first but made a conscious decision not to turn around and venture on without my trusty sidekick.

Then a bunch of irrational thoughts popped in my head.

"What if the kids' schools need to get in touch with me?"

"My husband will for sure be worried."

"My mom will think I died if I don't text her back within 20 minutes."

"What if I get an important email, text, Facebook message..."

Before hysteria began, I gave myself a pep talk and reminded myself about all the years in my life I survived without a phone and computer in my palm.

I endured college without a cell phone.

I traveled across the country by car without a phone or GPS.

I planned my wedding without a smart phone (can't remember if I had the flip phone yet in 2002).

I worked in my first job without a mobile device. (We had one brick-sized "office phone" that we all had to share).

Our parents had it even worse (or better most likely) and our grandparents can not phathom this world we live in.  It is complex, complicated and instantaneous.

I was very aware that my security blanket was not with me the few short hours I was out.  I arrived at yoga early and as I usually check my email, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, texts and Words with Friends before shutting down, instead simply set up my mat and began to practice.

All my senses seemed more active and alert.  I was aware of the music, the feel of the sun on my skin, the sounds from the streets and the smell of the wood floor.

After class I considered rushing home to notify everyone I was alive, but impulsively stopped at one of my favorite lunch spots.  I sat alone at the table unsure what to do without my device.  Two men sat at a table next to me absolutely silent; each staring at their own electronic.

I tasted each bite of my lunch and enjoyed the simplicity. It was different, a little scary, but a kind of peace I have not experienced in a long time.

I'm going to leave my phone at home more often.

 Can you go hours without your phone or are you addicted like me?
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