A letter to my daughter on her 5th birthday

A letter to my daughter on her 5th birthday
You as a baby.

Dear Mini Me,

I cannot believe it has been five years since you grew inside of me.  It seems like yesterday, but also it is hard to remember life without you.  From the minute you were conceived you created problems and worry and you continue to stubbornly do as you wish.  Your innocence, wit and sweetness makes every frustrating moment worth it.

Five is going to be a big year for you.  This summer I have seen some of your shyness fade away and a more confident little girl is emerging.  You can draw for hours going through reams of paper and this summer you show enthusiasm in writing your sight words and learning to read.  Plus, you were fearless at Ocean City riding all the rides and loving the fun slide, ferris wheel and beach.

I enjoy to observe how much you love your brother and your daddy, or "datta" as you call him.  I know you love me as you kiss me on the cheek, and wrap your little hands around me when I'm sad and wake me up every morning with your sweet voice asking for breakfast.

You often go to sleep around the same time I do as it never seems you get tired.  But, when you finally surrender you hold onto your hair and suck your thumb in the cutest way.

I am excited for you to start kindergarten in the fall.  I know how much you love to learn and I hope you will begin to experience the power of friendships.  I will miss you as we haven't been apart much the past five years.

As much as I've been, and always will be important to you, you are a light beside me reminding me of patience and true love.

Happy 5th Birthday!

I love you,



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