Sometimes the words are right in front of you

Sometimes the words are right in front of you

I moved through my morning routine like a robot turning on the tea pot without even realizing it.  I reached for a mug and noticed my two favorites were in the dishwasher.  I chose one of my husband's regular coffee mugs and poured the steaming hot water into the black mug as the kettle whistled.

I brought it, my breakfast, vitamins and medicines over to the table as I do every morning.  After checking texts, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and again my email, I took a sip of tea and looked at my cup.

"In Dwelling, Live Close to the Ground.

In Thinking, Keep to the Simple.

In Conflict, Be Fair and Generous.

In Governing, Don't Try to Control.

In Work, Do What You Enjoy.

In Family Life, Be Completely Present.

I read the words. Each line ringing more true and appropriate for today. I took a picture of it and sent it to my husband with a quick note.

He responded, "I've had that thing for 18 years! It was a gift when I left for college."

We met right after he got that coffee cup, on the first day of college 18 years ago.  I vaguely remember the mug in his college house, although I don't think we were drinking that much coffee back then.

The breakable cup has followed us from apartment, to condo to home and I NEVER ONCE READ WHAT IT SAID.

Yes, I knew it was a quote by Tao Te Ching, but I never took a minute in 18 years to slow down and actually read and think about every word.

Or maybe today was the day I needed to comprehend the quote more than ever.

I ask you to stop what you are doing right now.  Put down your phone or close your computer and look around.

Did you see how green the trees are?  Or the sunlight shining through the window?  Did you really notice your child, crusty nose and all?  Or look at your office and appreciate each accomplishment?

I hope you do. Often what we are looking for is right in front of us.



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