Paula Deen's 15 Minutes are Up

Paula Deen's 15 Minutes are Up

The saga Paula Deen is currently involved with seems to be never ending.  I'm sure her camp is praying the Royal Princess has her baby or Justin Beiber gets arrested - anything to take the media away from her.

Not to rehash the obvious, she said racist words and there is no reason that anyone, especially a public figure, an influencer, should say speak inferior of anyone.

My problem with her is beyond her hurtful remarks.  I don't like that every recipe includes unhealthy amounts of butter and cream, which cause serious health problems including obesity and heart disease.  Any to make matters worse, she jokes about it. The majority of her  recipes are artery clogging and inflammatory foods.

She learned her lesson, I hope, when she developed diabetes and supposedly is eating healthier.

The Food Network dropped her first, and slowly her other relationships with Target, QVS and others have been doing the same.  She has had more than her fifteen minutes of fame.  I think it is best for her to spend time with her family and understand how her words and recipes both hurt people.

Do you believe Paula Deen deserves a second chance?


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