Vegetables and herbs you can grow in your yard or your porch

I live in the city of Chicago and do not have a ton of space to garden.  Each year I experiment with different vegetables and herbs to discover what grows with the little sun my urban yard receives.  This year I stayed away from tomatoes as they require a lot of sun that I do not get.

Every year is different, but I've discovered two tips that are the key to healthy plants.

1. Water often. The sun gets hot and will suck all the water out of the ground.  Unless it rains, plan to water every day.

2. Pull off weeds and trim for optimum growth.  Keep your plants fresh by cutting off browning or yellow leaves.  Pull up weeds growing around your plants.

Don't expect to plant and forget about your garden. It needs love. Plan to spend time with your garden most days this summer and you should find success.

In the photo gallery below see eleven vegetables and herbs with recipes to take your plants from yard to dinner table.

What are you growing this summer?

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